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Event Infrastructure
Spincycle will provide everything listed below for race day operations and execute complete race day set-up.  This includes; setting up the course with tables, water coolers, directional signs and anything needed that we furnish in the Race RV.  Set-up will begin the night before the event at approximately 5pm.  Spincycle Sports representatives will be available to attend (2) race meetings prior to event.

32’ Race RV
Finish-line Chute & Infrastructure
Event Tables – Finish-line & Course
Water Coolers – Water & Gatorade
36’ arch – Space for 2 x 20’ horizontal banners & 4 x 15’ 
vertical banners (Extra)
Generators if needed
Race direction signage
Orange Safety Cones
Race PA and Sound System
Volunteer Safety equipment
Link to race on
Finish Line Digital Clock(s) – (1) Single sided 
         ** Additional Clocks $150
Experienced Spincycle Timing Staff

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