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Race Director
  • Determine if any portable communications equipment will be necessary at the event, and arranging for it to be on hand
  • Determine the appropriate method to handle the race entry fees. 
  • Provide the client with thorough details regarding the success of the event and detailed expense vouchers for all reimbursable expenses
  • Make recommendations regarding the future course of the event
  • Determine if any special transportation arrangements need to be made for the participants, and arrange for this service
  • Supervise the awards ceremony to insure that it is done correctly and smoothly

Course Design and Layout

  • Advise the race organizers what may be the limitations of the possible courses or locations they wish to stage the event
  • Determine a course for the event that will provide for a safe and fun event
  • Obtain the approval of the necessary authorities and parties to use the course
  • Obtain any required permits, etc. to conduct the event
  • Determine the requirements for traffic control and make the necessary arrangements with the local municipalities
  • Accurately measure the course and provide a detailed map of the route
  • Determine where volunteers will be needed on the course and supervise their placement top insure the correct course is run
  • Determine if there will be any special requirements for crowd control, and create a plan to handle
  • Make sure that the necessary refreshments are in place on the course as well as the finish area
  • Retain race photographer is requested
  • Supervise the set-up and takedown of all aspects of the racecourse
  • Coordinate with the D.J. to make all necessary announcements during the race

Post-Race Festivities

  • Set-up area for post-race festivities
  • Work with race organizers or vendors to arrange the post-race area efficiently
  • Make recommendations as to ways to make the post-race festivities a positive a positive aspect of the event

All out of pocket and race related expenses associated with the production of the event  are the responsibility of the client.  Spincycle Sports compensation for the services provided does not include the cost of equipment and vehicle rental, printing, advertising, event insurance, permit fees, postage, police, T-Shirts, Sports Drinks, Porto John's, long distance calls and other out of pocket expenses necessary to conduct an efficient event.  These will be billed as directly to the client at the completion of the race.  
Event Services Menu
Services Include

  • Design  walk/run course, securing all permits and logistical considerations
  • Coordinate all rentals of equipment and supplies as needed 
  • Manage all pre-race event registration including local sites, on-line, mail-in 
          registration and database creation, as well as race day results tabulation.
  • Create a system of volunteer responsibilities and job descriptions, including pre-race or race day training of volunteers.
  • Coordination with post-race events
  • Coordinating race related materials
  • Manage all race day operations and logistics, finish line  and results staffing 
          and coordination with national or local sponsors
  • Determine how many volunteers will be needed for the event
  • Determine what level of on-site medical coverage will be needed at the event 
          and make arrangements to have them available
  • Make recommendations regarding the necessary event insurance coverage 
          required and provide possible sources for said coverage

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